The Elephant in my Room — Part I

Have you ever noticed how we zig and zag around issues we tell ourselves we either don’t want to deal with, or figure we’ll deal with at a better time, or think “I’ve dealt with this already, I’m at peace with it, I really don’t have to bring it up again”, or just think It’s private?

Well, I have.
For over 40 years I have been living with a chronic illness (it started with ulcerative colitis and morphed into countless other things). And like most people who do, I fought it, hid it, defied it and cursed it. Above all else I swore I would not let it define me. And it hasn’t. It may have taught me a lot, but it hasn’t defined me.

And then this happened.

Last Spring, I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School program and it gave me a life-changing kick in the pants that flipped my life on its head.I realized that my chronic illness is what makes me, ME!

This video is the raw, unedited, private post I shared when I told my fellow B-Schoolers about my epiphany. I had never shared this way and as scary as it was, it was also empowering and liberating, and we all need more of that in our lives.

 I’d LOVE to read your comments. Let’s get this conversation started.
This is the beginning of a serious transformation about how we view ourselves and what we bring to the world

I’m all in. I hope you join me.

With love from my oh-so gentle 💚

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